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Valterra A10-0014VP

Valterra A10-0014VP

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Power Cord Adapter; Mighty Cord ™; For Connecting RV Power Inlet To Standard Power Source; 30 Amp Female To 15 Amp Male; 30 Amp; Black; With Retail Package

Adapts 30 Ampere / 125 Volt to 15 Ampere / 125 Volt. -Mates 30 Ampere power cable to 15 Ampere receptacle -Not for permanent use -Durable PVC -Solid brass contacts -Packaged.

Type: RV Plug
NEMA Standard 1: 5-15P
NEMA Standard 2: TT-30R
End Type 1: Straight Blade
End Type 2: Straight Blade
End Rating 1: 15 Amp
End Rating 2: 30 Amp
Jacket Color: No Jacket
Waterproof: No
With Locking Ring: No
With Lighted End: No
With Plug Head Handle: No