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Valterra  V23003 Waste Holding Tank Treatment

Valterra V23003 Waste Holding Tank Treatment

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Waste Holding Tank Treatment; Pure Power; Blue; Biological Treatment Used To Break Down Waste and Tissue; Without Formaldehyde; Fresh Clean Scent; Without Lubricant; Treats 40 Gallon Black or Gray Water Holding Tank; Use 2 Ounces Per 40 Gallons; 1/2 Gallon Bottle

For over 30 years Valterra has been a leading supplier of branded products for the recreational vehicle, pool and spa, and plumbing industries worldwide.

Bio/Chemical Type: Biodegradable
Formaldehyde: No
Scent: Fresh And Clean Scent
Tank Size: 40 Gallon
Unit Size: 0.5 Gallon
Unit Type: Bottle
Packaging Language: English



  • With BioBlastPlus™ Odor Control Technology
  • Biological Enzyme And Bacterial Formula That Performs In All Temperature Conditions
  • Accepted At All Campgrounds And Enhances Septic Tanks
  • Keeps Tanks Clean With A Fresh Clean Scent
  • High And Low Temperature Odor Control
  • No Supplier Warranty