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Valterra A01-1120VP

Valterra A01-1120VP

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Fresh Water Pressure Regulator; Protects RV Plumbing Against High Pressure; Without Check Valve; Regulates Pressure To 40-50 PSI; With 3/4 Inch GSH Female Swivel Inlet And 1/2 Inch NPSM Male Outlet; Complies With CA and VT Regulations For Brass Content or Does Not Comply With CA and VT Regulations For Brass Content; Without Gauge; Brass; With Retail Package

For over 30 years Valterra has been a leading supplier of branded products for the recreational vehicle, pool and spa, and plumbing industries worldwide.

Pressure Range (PSI): 40 To 50 Pounds Per Square Inch
End Size1: 3/4 Inch
End Type1: Female Swivel
End Size2: 1/2 Inch
End Type2: Male Threads
Material: Brass
Complies With CA/VT Regulations: Yes
With Built-In Check Valve: No
With Gauge: No
With Cap: No



  • Conforms With Federal And State Laws For Drinking Water Fixtures
  • Protects RV Plumbing Against High Pressure
  • Regulates Incoming Water Pressure To 40 To 50 PSI
  • Orange Grippers Indicate Lead Free
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty