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Thetford 96689 Waste Holding Tank Treatment

Thetford 96689 Waste Holding Tank Treatment

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Waste Holding Tank Treatment; AquaMax®; Biological Treatment Used To Break Down Waste And Tissue; Without Formaldehyde Or Bronopol; With Summer Cypress Deodorant; Without Lubricant; Treats 40 Gallon Holding Tank; 8 Ounce Bottle; Package Of 6 Treatments

Bio/Chemical Type: Biological
Formaldehyde: No
Deodorant: Yes
Tank Size: 40 Gallon
Unit Size: 8 Ounce
Unit Type: Bottle
Unit Quantity: Pack Of 6 Treatments



  • Powerful Odor Control And Superior Waste Digestion
  • Liquefies Waste Fast To Prevent Clogging
  • 100 Percent Biodegradable Deodorant
  • No Supplier Warranty