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Suburban Mfg 5286A

Suburban Mfg 5286A

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Water Heater; LP Gas; With Pilot And Direct Spark Ignition Options; On-Demand/ Tankless; 60,000 BTU; 12-1/2 Inch Height x 12-1/2 Inch Width x 20 Inch Depth; 36 Pounds When Installed; Non Portable; With Built-In Freeze Protection Mechanism; 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System Monitors (MCS); On Demand Control Center Or On/ Off Switch/ Wall Vent/ Water Heater Access Door Sold Separately

The Suburban Advantage line of RV water heaters includes high recovery gas, gas/electric combination, gas/electric/motor aid and tankless, continuous models with sizes and features to match the requirements of almost any RV. Tank capacities include 4, 6, 10, 12 and 16 gallon models and tankless models provide up to 60,000 BTUH of endless hot water. Quality, efficiency, features, service, and selection - for more than 30 years, these have been the gold standard of Suburban water heaters. Take ADVANTAGE of Suburban’s expertise and reliability with longer lasting residential style tank and tankless water heaters.

Type: LP Gas
Ignition Type: Pilot Ignition Or Direct Spark Ignition
Wattage Rating: Not Applicable
BTU Level: 60000 BTU
Width: 12-1/2 Inch
Height: 12-1/2 Inch
Depth: 20 Inch
With Switch: No
With Access Door: No
With Indicator Light: No
With Mounting Hardware: No



  • Exclusive 60,000 BTU Two-Stage Self Modulating Combustion System
  • Built-In Freeze Protection
  • The Exclusive 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System (M.C.S) Monitors: Inlet Water Temperature And Water Flow, Output Water Temperature, Heat Exchanger And Burner Operation
  • 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System (MCS) Which Instantaneously Adjusts The LP Gas Input To Provide Consistent And Endless Comfort Regardless Of Your Hot Water Needs
  • Only 36 Pounds Installed
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty And Limited 3 Year Tank Warranty