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ProPack 57032

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Car Wax; BEST ® ReNew 3000 ™; Liquid; With Carnauba Wax; 32 Ounce Spray Bottle; Use Protects Against Oxidation On Fiberglass/ Aluminum/ Acrylic/ Ceramic Tile/ Formica/ Stainless Steel/ Chrome And Porcelain

At ProPack, we know the importance of cleaning products that are strong enough for the toughest jobs, yet gentle enough for even the smallest of helpers. From preventative maintenance to routine cleaning and scrubbing, we manufacture the right product that is not only the best you can buy, but also safe for the whole family - and the environment. The cornerstone of our product performance comes from new chemical technology and repetitive testing. Our philosophy is to develop the absolute best product for a specific application, test it over and over again until we are completely satisfied - and then send it to our outside testing sites for confirmation. As new chemical technology comes into the market or new applications develop, we adjust and change our formulas to continue our great product performance. We offer many different products to protect, clean and maintain your RV investment. With so many safe and effective products to choose from, we are confident you will agree that Kronen sanitation products and B.E.S.T. Cleaners and Protectants are your complete source for RV cleaning and sanitation maintenance. When it comes to your RV and your family, why settle for ordinary, when you can have the B.E.S.T.!

Use: Protects Against Oxidation On Fiberglass/ Aluminum/ Acrylic/ Ceramic Tile/ Formica
Type: Liquid Carnuba
Unit Size: 32 Ounce
Unit Type: Spray Bottle
Unit Quantity: Single



  • Professional Strength Formula Includes High-Quality Carnuba Wax
  • Effectively Restores The Shine To Your Vehicle
  • Use On Fiberglass, Aluminum, Acrylic, Ceramic Tile, Formica, Stainless Steel, Chrome And Porcelain
  • Wipe On, Let Dry, Wipe Off