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Dometic 92615

Dometic 92615

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Water Heater Burner; For Atwood LP Gas 10 Gallon Water Heaters; GC10-1E/ GC10-2E/ GH10-2E/ GH10-3E; Electronic Ignition
Do you enjoy taking a cold shower on a winter’s day? Neither do we. That’s one reason why we are pleased to offer you a selection of durable and reliable water heaters – to ensure you always have hot water on tap. Easy to install and available in a wide range of capacities, Dometic water heaters are reliable, user-friendly, and economical. Our products are complemented by a full range of spare parts and accessories, including conversion kits, replacement tanks, and access doors.

Compatibility: Atwood LP Gas 10 Gallon Water Heaters
Ignition Type: Electronic Ignition



  • Developed To Provide Steady Performance And Reliability
  • Expertly Made From Premium Materials
  • Quality Product At An Affordable Price
  • Easy Installation
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty