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Carefree RV 701708

Carefree RV 701708

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Awning Sun Block Panel; EZ ZipBlocker; For Use Along Awning Length; Removable 17 Foot Length x 8 Foot Drop; 6 Foot Panel; With 2 Foot Drop Tube Insert Which Stays In Roller Tube When Retracted; Black Polyester With Vinyl Coating
Shade all of the area under your awning! Don't put up with the heat and glare of early morning or late afternoon sun. The EZ Zip Blockers weather resistant open-weave fabric cuts almost 85 Percent of light to keep you cool and comfortable - but it doesn't block your view! Fabric construction is a woven 100 Percent polyester with a durable vinyl coating. It slips quickly and easily into the open slot on most awning roller tubes and the top portion can stay in the tube for storage. The insert slides into the awning roller and rolls up with the awning. This allows you to reach the zipper without a ladder. When you set up again, simply zip the body panel into the insert.

Compatibility: Along Awning Length
Drop: 8 Feet
Length: 17 Feet
Color: Black
Material: Polyester With Vinyl Coating


  • Weather Resistant Open-Weave Fabric Cuts Almost 85 Percent Of Light To Keep You Cool And Comfortable
  • Fabric Construction Is A Woven 100 Percent Polyester With A Durable Vinyl Coating
  • Slips Quickly And Easily Into The Open Slot On Most Awning Roller Tubes And The Top Portion Can Stay In The Tube For Storage
  • Allows You To Reach The Zipper Without A Ladder
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty