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Camco 39080

Camco 39080

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Sewer Waste Valve Fitting; Rhino Blaster; Use To Dislodge and Flush Stubborn Waste Deposits and Odor Causing Particles Left After Holding Tank is Emptied; Permanent Mount On Sewer Drainage Pipe; With Vacuum Breaker To Prevent Backflow; 45 Degree 3 Inch Bayonet Fitting To Attach To Sewer Outlet/ 3 Inch Bayonet Swivel Fitting To Attach Sewer Hose; Clear; Plastic

Keep your holding tank clean. Our convenient line of holding tank rinsers will dislodge and flush stubborn waste deposits and odor-causing particles. Periodic rinsing is essential for proper sensor probe function.

Size: 45 Degree 3 Inch Bayonet Fitting X 3 Inch Bayonet Swivel Fitting
Color: Clear
Material: Plastic
With Flange: No



  • Direct Jet Allows Water Stream To Rinse And Flush RV Sewer Systems
  • Vacuum Breaker To Prevent Backflow
  • Rhino Blaster Pro Tank Rinser Securely Attached To RV Sewer Outlet Via Bayonet Swivel Fitting
  • Clear 45 Degree Elbow Allows Direct Flow Of Water Into Sewer System
  • No Supplier Warr