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Arcon 19666 Surge Protector

Arcon 19666 Surge Protector

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Surge Protector; Protect From Damaging Low/ High Voltage Levels and Power Surges When Connected To Campground Power Supply; With Fault Indicator Light; 50 Amp; 240 Volt; With Plug Head Handle Grip; 7200 Joules Of Power Surge Protection; Retail Box
Use the Arcon 50 Ampere 240 volt Surge Protector to identify power issues and ensure correct wiring at the electrical source before you connect your RV to a pedestal or power distribution box. Detects low voltage and provides 7200 Joules of comprehensive power surge protection for all circuits: Hot L1, Hot L2, Ground, and Neutral.

Smart Technology Compatible: Not Compatible With Smart Technology
Voltage Regulation: 240 Volt
Ampere Rating: 50 Amp
Automatically Reconnects: No
Number Of Outlet: 1 Socket
With Fault Indicator: Yes
With Plug Head Handle: Yes



  • Protects Against Power Surges And Lightning Strikes
  • Absorbs And Diverts High Voltage Spikes And Surges
  • Detects And Alerts Of Low Voltage And Improper Wiring Conditions
  • 7200 Joules Of Power Suppression
  • Four Modes Of Protection- Hot L1, Hot L2, Ground And Neutral
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty