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AP Products 020-126 Pest Repellent

AP Products 020-126 Pest Repellent

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Pest Repellent; Fresh Cab; Use To Repel Rodents; Odorant Pouch; Biodegradable Material; Hanging Pouch; Woodsy Scent; EPA Certified; Set Of 4

If mice or rats have infested your ‘getaway’, then your vehicle is prone to the expensive damage resulting from them chewing through wiring and nesting in vital components. Even worse, you and your family could be prone to offensive odors, potential messes and even disease. Fresh Cab botanical rodent repellent is a 100 Percent natural blend of corn cob chips, plants and herbal extracts that freshens and protects. Our all-natural repellent has the ability to repel mice and rats in leisure vehicles and hunting equipment.

Used For: Repel Rodents
Type: Odorant Pouch
Unit Size: 10 Ounce
Unit Type: Hanging Pouch
Unit Quantity: Set Of 4


  • 100 Percent Natural Blend Of Corn Cob Chips, Plants And Herbal Extracts That Freshens And Protects
  • Ability To Repel Mice And Rats In Leisure Vehicles And Hunting Equipment
  • Simply Place Pouches In Your Recreational Vehicles And Property, Depending On Size And Components, To Immediately Start Controlling Your Mouse Problem
  • One Whiff Of This Specially Formulated Blend Is Enough To Send Rodents Packing And Rid Your Equipment Of Mice And Rats
  • No Supplier Warranty