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Airhead A-2

Airhead A-2

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Airhead A-2 Boat Anchor; Grapnel Style; 3-1/2 Pound; 4 Folding Fluke; Steel; With 25 foot Marine Rope/ Storage Case
This complete anchor system is in a class by itself. The 3-1/3 pound 4-fluke folding anchor will hold in mud, sand, gravel and rock. It's designed for temporary mooring of small boats, sailboats, personal watercraft, inflatable boats, canoes and float tubes. The anchor is coated to protect finishes. The durable nylon storage case is padded for added protection and to dampen noise while the anchor is stowed. Fits under most boat seats, in PWC storage compartments, or in PWC storage canisters! The 25 Feet long marine-grade rope, with an in-line buoy, is spliced to the anchor and a heavy-duty stainless steel snap hook.

Style: Grapnel
Weight (LB): 3.5 Pound
Material: Steel
Width: 6-3/4 Inch
Height: 3-1/4 Inch



  • Anchor Is Coated To Protect Finishes
  • 3-1/3 Pound 4-Fluke Folding Anchor Will Hold In Mud, Sand, Gravel And Rock
  • Durable Nylon Storage Case Is Padded For Added Protection
  • 25 Feet Long Marine-Grade Rope, With An In-Line Buoy
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty