The Tree Huggers

Summers on Shady Valley Road were filled with so many wonderful experiences with my siblings and our summertime family of friends. In addition to all the activities on Johnson’s Pond, there were trails to ride, corn fields to explore and lots of trees to climb. One tree in particular was very special to us. It was more than a tree. It was a meeting place we grew to love. So much so that my sisters and I, along with our neighborhood friends saved it from being cut down. After seeing how much the oddly shaped tree meant to us, the municipality compromised by just trimming it a bit.

The reason I bring this up is because of a conversation I had with a new customer recently. We were talking about all the technology included in many of today’s RV’s. Huge mobile homes with private spaces came up in conversation as well. He has a smaller camper, and his family spends most of their time outside as opposed to many who spend so much time inside their larger RVs. Back during our days on the pond or at Carpenter’s Beach Meadows by the sea, we rarely spent anytime indoors. We were always out with our family or friends. Our time was well spent swimming, boating and fishing. Don mentioned playing “Manhunt” and I was reminded of “Kick the Can”. There were the evening campfires that included storytelling and sing-a longs as well.

The joys of our summertime holidays were never about the size of our RV or cottage. It was all about interacting in and with nature. Every experience ignited an organic appreciation of the great outdoors. There were no distractions from the wonders around us. Our faces were not locked onto a screen. We had the unique opportunity to experience a new world if only for a season. That is what saved “our” very special tree.

Remember, time is our most precious commodity. Spend it wisely.

Happy camping,

Ron Ash aka My RV Guy

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