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How Goes The Revolution

Hello Campers,

How goes the revolution? In a previous blog “More Memorable Memories” I mentioned how gathering together with family and friends fosters memories that keep. I suggested a “New Year’s Revolution” instead of the traditional resolution. It looks like many are already onboard. With every generation, Americans are moving away from spending on possessions in favor of life experiences. I’d like to think it was something I said. Imagine, 8 in 10 Millennials crave more real world experiences and are putting their money into satisfying their experimental appetite. My “Gen X” group isn’t far behind. Many are selling their homes in favor of simplified lifestyles and expanding experiences via the RV lifestyle. Freedom, excitement, interaction and growth are the driving forces behind this massive shift in the American dream. They’re seeing the sights and enjoying campgrounds with a plethora of events and activities for every palate. So, if you’re sitting around the house having checked your explorer’s spirit at the door, it may be time to start living intentionally. Your next greatest experience may only be a few miles away.

Remember, the things we experience today contribute to how we’ll see ourselves tomorrow.

Happy camping,

Ron Ash aka My RV Guy™

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