Day Trippers

Hello Campers,

Today I was thinking of the day trips we’d take with our fellow campers. Those special journeys to area shorelines like Point Judith, Charlestown and Galilee. We’d pack up some gear, fill our coolers, strap the canoes to the station wagons and head out to explore. I guess this stroll down memory lane came about when I remembered an old cassette tape one of my summertime neighbors gave me decades ago. I may put together a little slideshow with those campfire songs playing in the background. With that thought, so many wonderful memories came to mind. Sunny days at Point Judith snorkeling with friends, fishing off the rocks for Flounder or building sandcastles on the beach. I even recalled the day I found my first Pole Spear in a couple feet of water just off the sandy shore. Quahogging in the shallow waters of Bluff Hill Cove in Galilee without a clam rake came to mind. We used our feet back then and had the cuts to prove it. We’d do the same at the Charlstown Breachway with canoes by our side. I still remember the day I saw my first Horseshoe crab. Mom let me know to always keep a safe distance of course. Most of us would fall asleep during the ride home, but once we got back we’d all run off the dock and jump right into Johnson’s Pond. Our folks would prepare the catches of the day while we enjoyed ourselves in the water. When the cowbell rang we knew it was time for a smorgasbord of seafood to be enjoyed with our campground family of friends. Someday I’ll put that slideshow together, but for now, I’ll just relish in my reflections of yesterday.

The memories we make today are the treasures we’ll hold dear tomorrow.

Happy camping!

Ron Ash aka MY RV GUY

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